Breeding Ground Spotlight: Taylor Boi

An independent artist content with being the most known, yet unknown,

Taylor Boi shares his life. Coming up from a small town in Alabama, building

his own company, a brand and becoming an artist after being around surroundings

of his culture, Taylor Boi’s business ethic differs himself from other artists

but his craft is just as respected by many. Many times we here an inspirational

story of how picking up the microphone and deciding to take part of the rap

game, Taylor Boi’s story is no different, his journey starts here.

Video How long have you been


Taylor Boi: I’ve been doing this

since 1999. I came in the game as a promoter, yanno, I promoted shows. I used

to bring all of the big acts to town. But as a writer, I’ve been doing this for

about seven years. What is the name of your

current project?

Taylor Boi: I got a new single I’m

pushing featuring Big Bang Black, it just hit radio “I.O.U?” – N***as think I

owe them something. (laughing) yeah, now you get the picture. Off the mixtape

tape, “Taylored Up”. It should be dropping in about another month, hosted by

DJ. Scream out of Atlanta. What style of music

would you say your music falls under?

Taylor Boi: Too be honest, I’m a GOD

fearing man but at the same time, I have to tell the truth – I’m a street dude.

So you can put me in that category with Shawty Lo, Jeezy, Plies, Trick Daddy –

the street dudes. did you get into

rapping from promoter? Did you work with a lot of artists while promoting?

Taylor Boi: We used to bring all of

the main acts to town and one particular night I brought 2 Live Crew to town

and the MC didn’t show, that was supposed to host it. So I stepped, grabbed the

mic and fell in love with it. I MC’d the whole concert. So you’ve just been

rapping since? Word! Who have you worked with production wise? Who has contributed

to you with your craft and assisted with you falling in love with it more?

Taylor Boi: There have been a lot of

people in my culture that have influenced me. People that have helped me fall

in love with it more. It’s a lot of great artists out here doing their

thing. I’ve collaborated with a

lot of Gucci Mane, Big Bank Black and a lot of others So where

exactly is Taylor Boi from?

Taylor Boi: I’m originally

from Dothan, Alabama What other artists are

from the area that the readers would know?

Taylor Boi: Oh yeah! You know we are

trying to put Alabama on the map. Ya know, Rich Boy did his thing and put it on

the map some and Dirty Boys put Montgomery on the map some. So we trying to

keep it going. Are you currently in


Taylor Boi: No, actually we are in

Atlanta. Oh yeah? For how long

have you been out there?

Taylor Boi: I’ve been here since

1992. okay, so would you

really say you moved there for music only or what made you choose ATL verses

staying in ‘Bama?

Taylor Boi: Yeah. Actually, I came

to Atlanta because it was a lot of black people and I figured I could go down

there and do some business with the music side of the game. So that’s why I

moved here. Oh okay. So you moved to

ATL to expand music wise?

Taylor Boi: Yeah. That’s exactly why

we moved. Out here getting it in Your following – how did

you get to building one?

Taylor Boi: People know me from when

I did promotion work, promoting shows. I went across towns booking shows and

I’d have the people open up for me. I saw the crowd was giving me the same love

they were giving the big acts so I just started doing it on my own and got my

fans. do you work to make

yourself stand out from the other artists in Atlanta?

Taylor Boi: I’m a business dude, so

its business first. I just don’t do what others do. A lot of people are just

artists and they want others to do the business work, but I do both, I’m about

my business. So I’m going to stand out. I just know what sales while others

reply on the artist and not business. Do you have your own company

beyond being a rapper?

Taylor Boi: Yes. We have a street promotional team; T.B.E, Taylor Boi ENT and

Naptown Management. Not only in the states but in Canada also; Toronto and,

Vancouver. We have an overseas work as well. Can you explain a little

more about your company?

Taylor Boi: I still got that

promotional side in me so I formed a team. Whenever I have a show, they may go

down and promote in the streets for me, making sure that they hitting the

streets real good. So whatever promoter is bringing me to town, we got it

covered for promotion so that they know they are getting their money back and

getting a crowd. So your approach is to

have your business savvy work ethic gets you recognized?

Taylor Boi: Yeah, because my music

is going to speak for itself because it’s the truth; I spit nothing but the

truth. People understand the message that I’m delivering to them What are some of your

accomplishments and goals thus far?

Taylor Boi: To be independent like

we are. We done came this far and I’m proud of where we are right now. We have

come a long away and we are blessed to come this far. Still got a long way to

go, but we are blessed. We get paid shows right now. We are independent on a

few radio shows right now; we’re just blessed.

DW: What are some things you

are doing to obtain recognition? Performances and such?

Taylor Boi: I’ve performed on major

platforms with major artists from Jeezy to Ludacris. I’ve been in a couple of

magazines. We are on like 10 radio stations all through Alabama. We did the

Core DJ Retreat, did it real big out there. We performed and I got a lot of

features Final words for the


Taylor Boi: I’m coming to show the

world that I’m a platform artist and I’m going diamond. Be on the look out