Breeding Ground Spotlight: Ultimate

AllHipHop Staff

Currently promoting his new single, “Take Me There,” with a video already shot for it, Reggae artist, Ultimate, took a moment to speak with DigiWaxx Media. Take a second and learn a thing or two about the Jamaica born, artist making that “feel good” music; “It has people dancing, feeling happy and is spreading rapidly worldwide”.

DigiWaxx: Where are you from originally? Tell the readers a little about yourself.

Ultimate: I was born and raised in Kingston, Jamaica. I moved into the states at an early age where I attended Syracuse University. From Syracuse I moved to Miami, Texas and currently California, playing professional sports in all three States.

DigiWaxx: Nice! So, I was checking out your video for your single, “Take Me There”, and could not help but notice the amazing quality and professionalism within it, is this your first project?

Ultimate: You can say that it is technically my first project. I’ve been making music for quite some time now; since 9th grade to be exact. I didn’t start recording in the studio until 2001, however. The video is real and the people we work with are very professional.

DigiWaxx: So are you currently working under your own label?

Ultimate: Yes, I do. I am working under my own label, Ultimate Domination Records.

DigiWaxx: Do you have any other artists on the label at the moment?

Ultimate: At this time, it is just me, Ultimate. We are getting it off of the ground and hope to sign new artists to the label in the future.

DigiWaxx: What is the title of your album?

Ultimate:  There is no set title at the moment; there is no album set. I will be releasing an EP in a few months entitled, “Ultimate”. It will contain six songs to give a feel of what Ultimate has to offer.

DigiWaxx: What is your goal? Are you hoping to be mainstream or what?

Ultimate:  Yes, we want to go main-stream and appeal to the masses and all demo graphs. We want them to enjoy the song. I want places like Germany and Europe dancing to my music. The Caribbean and Reggae vibe of my music is for all with worldly beats. Going mainstream is an understatement, we want to go global. I want to be on the Bob Marley level with the same fan base.

DigiWaxx: Do you plan to hit overseas and the States?

Ultimate: “Take You There” is already playing in Jamaica. The video is also playing in Houston’s local video program, Street Flava as well as Miami’s local stations. We plan to hit BET and MTV soon! Check it out

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DigiWaxx: How is your online presence? Your website is amazing, by the way.

Ultimate: It’s coming along. I’m on all of the social networking sites such as myspace (, facebook, twitter ( and youtube ( The song is on iTunes right now, available for purchase. We are getting a good response; Rome wasn’t built in one day.

DigiWaxx: How is it trying to separate you playing professional sports and being an artist?

Ultimate: I don’t want to be labeled. I’m not trying to do something just to be doing it, I have a talent and want to have fun with it. I’ve been making music before playing professional sports and I put my heart into it. In Miami the locals knew me as an artist and not an athlete.

DigiWaxx: Is it an insult to you if they know you as an artist verse an athlete?

Ultimate: Honestly, it doesn’t matter how I am recognized – a fan is a fan. The music side of the fans will become fans of me playing sports. Anyone who watches me play, knows that I put on a show and on stage I have the same energy.

Digiwaxx: That’s what’s up! So who are you working with on your album? Are there any features on the EP?

Ultimate: I am working with Blackout, he is most known for the Mims, “This Is Why I’m Hot” Remix. The EP has features with Calieb, Kevin Little, Dred Prez, Supa Neil of Houston and Mr. Vegas.

Digiwaxx: I appreciate you taking the time to speak with me; I know you’re such a busy man, (laughing). Do you have any final words for the readers out there?

Ultimate: People need to go out and get the EP when it drops. Subcribe to my youtube channel and befriend me on facebook, myspace and twitter! Also, be sure to purchase, “Take You There” on iTunes. Thank You.