Breeding Ground: Who is DuQuaye?

Vance Brinkley

If you had a six-figure job in medicine, and your career is possibly set as soon as you leave college, would you keep it? Or, would you choose to chase your dreams? Well, that's what artist DuQuaye decided to do after his 8th month in training in the healthcare industry, and never looked back. The ATL-based provides a different perspective to the rap industry by bringing in a business perspective to his music. His music is aggressive and straight from the south, using bass-hitting beats and a steady flow. We had a chance to talk to DuQuaye about his sound (of course), his past, his rise to to making music, and even the decision to chase his music.

Ever since he was sing and dancing as a child, DuQuaye always had a knack for music to the point where it seemed to be natural. "I don't think it [interest for music] was developed, I think I was born with it", says Quaye. While being raised in Bridgeport, Connecticut, he grew up listening to a plethora of artists representing the East Coast, including The Lox and Rakim. However, these artists weren't touching Quayes love for the biggest East Coast movement during his childhood, Puff Daddy and Bad Boy Records, a small love that would later on influence his craftsmanship in the music industry as both a business man and an artist. This love for music soon continued to grow along with Quaye, which soon lead to his first time making a song with his cousin as a teenager. " I had written a song but I only had a written a hook and a verse for the first song,… and my cousin told me to finish the song and he'd be right back" Quaye tells AllHipHop, "By the time he got back…I had finished the rest on the song!" This one situation lead to Quaye unlocking his potential.

DuQuaye was still into performing through his years as a student at Hampton University, but he got serious after leaving his career in healthcare. "I can't stay in any..environment that allows me not to be happy" says Quaye. This decision soon lead him to working for Patchwerk studios in Atlanta. This soon lead to the artist getting knowledge in the music industry at an A&R, and soon using his skills in the industry to become an artist.

For now, Quaye's newest song "F*ck Ya City Up" is out, and if you dig his music, check out more of his music via iTunes