Brodie Fresh Spits Pure Inspiration On "Liar Liar"


Brodie Fresh is a rare breed. Straight from NY, but the appeal is beyond regional boundaries.

(AllHipHop Music) Most tell you about all the work they’re putting in. Brodie Fresh shows you. The NYC native has been putting on for his state with hit after hit but now he’s back with a new track that is going to flood all markets.

“Liar Liar” -- featuring Mickey Shiloh & produced by Big Duke-- is the track that we all need to get back on our grind. With summer quickly coming to an end, Brodie’s “Liar Liar” is going to help you get out of chill mode and back to focusing on your goals.

As Brodie raps, "Over-dedicated and I never hated/I was working while they celebrated," you start to understand where his mindset has been all along. And how far he's going to go.

Take a listen to "Liar Liar" and get ready for the motivation you've been searching for.

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You heard it here first. Underground rapper emerges on scene.

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