Budd Migo & 2Loud Put the Light on Alabama With Their Lively Video For "Common"


Ala-BAMA rapper Budd Mingo went CRAZY in his new visual for his track "Common" ft. 2Loud

Montgomery, Alabama native Budd Migo recently released a new music video for his track “Common” featuring 2Loud and if you really love Rap music and what these kids are doing in the streets then you will love the energy and passion that is displayed in this new visual. Budd Mingo and 2Loud SNAPPED! The video is directed by TreyDaGr8 who did his thing with a multitude of visual effects, doing a great job with displaying the energy of this song in the video. Watch below and check out this song that we pulled from The Strictly 4 The Traps N Trunks (Memorial Day Edition) mixtape