Cameron Airborne - "No Cuffing " ft Jackboy (Prod by K.E. on the Track)


Cameron Airborne links up with rising talent Jackboy

Recently South Florida artist Cameron Airborne, dropped the music video for his song "No Cuffin" featuring buzzing rapper Jackboy. In the Andrew Colton directed music video, listeners get a hazy and psychedelic visual to go along with Cameron Airborne's catchy Summer bop. 

"The beat was a collaborative track with K.E. on the Track. He laced up the beat and I got Jackboy on there for the hook too. It's just real catchy, we shot the video for the track and it just a had kind of club or pop vibe to it. It's definitely a Summer song and its very upbeat and kind of fast paced, it def keeps the head nodding."

Combing elements of guitar and singing, Cameron Airborne has found a lane doing his own thing combining it all with rap after performing in a band early on in his career.

"I play guitar because I had played in a band before and I ended up rapping. It gave me stage experience and the drive to want to do my own thing." Cameron Airborne explained.  "I branched out and started doing my own music and I always wrote my own poetry so transitioning to rapping was natural. I can make trap music, I can make pop catchy sounding music and I can make real lyrical stuff too.  When I put out a projects I try to put out a little something for everyone to take something away from the project."

Cameron Airborne consistently recorded and released music throughout 2017 and 2018. During that time he released a string of music that included "Magic in the Air," "Dreaming in Color," "Waby Baby,"  &  "Elevate." This constant work ethic to create in the studio led to him developing relationships and ultimately creating music with the likes of  Jackboy, Wifisfuneral, Caskey and Doobie.

Check it out above:

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