Check the New Visual for Jane Handcock's "SixFourSeven"

The Oakland Singer Gets Personal About Her Canadian Boo

No direction, f**k a map/ Let me get lost with you...

Bay Area singer/songwriter Jane Handcock is known for her introspective lyrics on love, and in her latest video she recounts all the feels she experienced while dating someone in the 647 area code in Canada. The "SixFourSeven" visual has a behind-the-scenes feel as Jane walks and reminisces, trying to understand how to protect herself without shutting out real love. As long as I'm with you, everything is cool/ I don't get too deep, cuz every time we lose/ That's why I don't think, I just only do...what I feel.

This young talent may be new to the the spotlight, but her perspective on life and love is surprisingly mature. Listen to "SixFourSeven" and all her other latest tracks on new EP Where's Jane? 1.5 here.