Chief Keef Releases Surprising Collaboration With Cee Lo Green and Tone Trump

Did You Ever Expect Chief Keef Working With Cee Lo Green? Well, it definitely just happened. Earlier today, the "I Don't Like" rapper released the new single "Violence" featuring Cee Lo and Philadelphia rapper Tone Trump via YouTube. Unlike most of his music that features a hard trap beat to follow his dill-inspired rhymes, "Violence" is completely different sound unfamiliar to Keef's sound. The beat, produced by Cee Lo, takes an uplifting approach with a retro feel to match with the overall message of using music to fight for peace. The former Goodie Mob member's verse kind of sums everything up clearly along with Keef and Trump's verse.

Ever since his friend Capo was killed in a drive by shooting in Chicago in 2015, Chief Keef has made numerous attempts to use his influence to stop the violence in inner-city of Chicago, from throwing holographic concerts to releasing music. However, most of the attempts have failed, due to the rapper's already well known reputation for making music that "glorifies violence," according to the Chicago Mayor and other public officials in the city. However, Keef is still fighting to stop the violence, while also making music in the process. According to XXL, Keef is has been reportedly back in the studio with Drill producer and friend, Young Chop. The two stopped working with each other once they started creating their own career after their hit single "I Don't Like" made became a viral hit.

Check out the "Violence" below.