Chris Webby Changes Lanes On His Second Project "Wednesday"


Independent hip-hop heavyweight, Chris Webby looks to shed his party rapper image on "Wednesday"

Independent hip-hop heavyweight, Chris Webby
looks to shed his party rapper image to become known for what he's truly
always been; an accomplished businessman and lyricist.
In an effort to do so webby has decided to drop a brand new album today
entitled "Wednesday". The project itself is a compilation of music he released
in 2017, along with a few new unreleased tracks,
to create the tracklist webby used analytics from his supporters, using their
responses, to depict the direction of the project essentially allowing them to
become the official A&R’s.

Appearances from artist like Rittz, Justina Valentine, Anoyd, Jitta on the track,
merkrules, madi wolf, skrizzly Adams and so on have also become very
instrumental in constructing the direction of the project, with each track
assisting in showcasing a new and improved version of Chris both musically
and mentally.

While it is true Chris Webby once had a stigma of only caring and rapping
about women, parties, and drugs, he’s since become politically active and
socially responsible, and has recently joined forces with the non-profit “1% for
the planet”, which will see to it that a piece of his yearly earnings is donated to
environmental causes.

He’s also ramped up the usage of his platform to call out the flaws in modern
day society, from the rise of mumble rappers to the morally corrupt politicians
who run the country.

However, as he’s changed so has his surroundings, deciding in 2016 to split
from his management team of almost 5 years. Starting the beginning of 2017
with an entirely new team, this abrupt change left him in a bit of disarray:
saying quote “I was depressed and wondered if my almost ten years of hard
work in the industry were for nothing. I felt completely lost,” but then I
remembered two things. first off, I have you … I still had a ride or die fan base
that believed in me. and secondly, I can rap. better than most.”

Chris pushed through the challenges of the change in management and in
March of 2017 launched his #webbywednesday series. where each
Wednesday, he releases a new song or video. this year alone, he has released
twenty-five songs and ten videos which birthed the release of his second
album “Wednesday”. on the recent album, webby demonstrates his diverse
style paired with witty east coast punchlines and melodic reggae influences.
From the start of 2017, #webbywednesday songs have amassed over thirty
million streams within the past ten months and continue to surge. His monthly
listeners continuously increasing to over six hundred thousand on Spotify. as
well as his average streams rising from fifty-two thousand to over one hundred
thousand a day.

With his new found success Chris webby has put his social life on hold,
focusing only on the music and business. saying quote “what you’ll hear on
Wednesday is only the beginning of webby 2.0,” in his letter to the fans.

He notes“ I finally feel like I’m becoming the musician, businessman, and human
being I was always meant to be. thank you all for accompanying me on this
bumpy ride, I honestly couldn’t have done it without you. and trust me, the
best is still yet to come.”