Christian “King” Combs Surprises Fans With Two Videos From His Latest Project

King Combs drops new videos featuring City Girls, AZChike, Tee Grizzley,Kai Ca$h & 03 Greedo!

Today, Christian Combs, aka King Combs, surprised his fans with two new music video from his latest collective project, “Cyncerely, C3,” which was released in late March 2019 for the celebration of his 21st birthday in early April.

The music videos released were for two tracks that are becoming summer hits and fan favorites - “Surf” featuring City Girls, AZChike & Tee Grizzley and "The West” featuring Kai Ca$h & 03 Greedo.

The rising Hip-Hop artist, King Combs, shares in these two visuals the growth of his artistry and visually narrates the concept of his lyrics. For “Surf,” Combs showcases a millennial fundamental of a day time house party with a Miami essence and a breakbeat track with a young narrative by him and the City Girls, who brings a female dynamic. Directed by Spike Jordan, King Combs highlights a fun day time party featuring Justin Combs and some of the members of his crew, CYN.

Directed by Jack Bergert, “The West,” combines visually a bicoastal lifestyle that Combs and his CYN crew represents, and embodies, which highlights the fashion, youthful character and energy. In addition, the video features an homage for 03 Greed, who is currently incarnated.

This was 03 Greedo’s last music recording before he got arrested in 2018.

Christian Combs aka King Combs, debuted his first official collective project titled, “Cyncerely, C3” on March 29th, 2019. The title reflects his collective group ‘CYN,’ which represents a New York sound and essence.

"The West” featuring Kai Ca$h & 03 Greedo.

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