Christian Kuya Releases His Steamy Visual For "Fiji"


Christian Kuya delivers the first visual "FIJI" off his self-titled EP "KUYA"

Christian Kuya delivers the first visual "FIJI" off his self titled EP "KUYA", released this past December. The video, directed by well known visual artist, Edgar Esteves (Russ - What The Want), allows Christian to give fans what they've been waiting for! He has teased the clip for weeks via social media. The intense visual, shot in Oahu features Chris with some rather steamy company, setting off a laid back vibe!

Brief Q and A

Motivation Behind creating the track:

I just heard the beat and thought about the most wavy thing I could think of and I was drinking a Fiji water at that time, and the rest is history lol.

How long it took to make:

I made Fiji in like 2 days. I like to take my time with music and not rush the process, sometimes it takes 3-4 days for 1 song, sometimes it takes 1 hour, just depends on how far I push myself.

Who produced it:

BeatsModeMusic, a dope producer in Atlanta, he's my Korean partna, but he's cold with the beats. Can't wait to work with him some more. We got heat coming soon!

Any Features:

I haven't done any features with anyone really, I want the people to get to know me, my story, my voice, and then once they are familiar with my vibe, I'll be working with alot more people. Everyone in Private Club is dope, and we all vibe good, so I would expect you will hear something from someone in that camp and me soon.

Whats Next:

Dropping 1 video for every song off the KUYA EP, which is out on SoundCloud and Spotify right now. So that's a 8 total, I'm dropping Fiji today, so if you haven't seen that yet, make sure you go to or youtube and check it out now.