Common, Malik Yusef and Others Represent In Trying Times

Common, Malik Yusef, Kumasi, and others teamed up to collaborate on "Trouble in the Water."

An Open Letter,

Our prayers go out to those being directly & indirectly affected by the catastrophic events taking place around the world. It is our civic duty to each other to stand tall and unify during these trying times. In life, often times we turn to other people to solve our problems whether that be our brothers & sisters, parents, teachers, police officers, or the government - but when the going gets tough it's always us (YOU!) who leads the prevailing path to change.

In 2014, Common, Myself, Kumasi, Aaron Fresh, Choklate, and Laci Kay teamed up to collaborate on a song that is still very important to us called, "Trouble in the Water." The song appeared on the H.O.M.E. (Heal. Our. Mother. Earth) album, a music project that has helped us raise countless funds & awareness for which we have donate towards the expansion of the climate change movement and youth education.

If you area feeling in distress about the tragic events occurring in Houston, Florida, Oregon, California and abroad and want to help but don't know how, reach out to me directly at and I will link you into our Disaster Relief Forum. Join me, my celebrity friends, and your local brothers & sisters in the fight against despotism.


Malik Yusef