Compton's "Mar Mar" Transitions From Actor To Rapper In "Don't Hate"

Check out the new video from Mar Mar.

Compton youngster Mar Mar has an interesting story as he comes from a working class family yet he's just a minute away from the crazy stuff that we are about in Compton.

It's kind of like the Good Kid, Maad City narrative that Kendrick Lamar brought to light several years back. In the case of Mar Mar, while he's definitely exposed to the Compton life, the kid has OG's on the streets and in the rap game urging him to stay on the right path instead of falling into the traps that many from his city have fallen into.

The result is an acting and music career that has already seen the youngster show his talents in the Peanuts movie and on HBO's "Insecure". For this new video "Don't Hate", young Mar has a message for those jealous folks who love to hate.

The video also stars OG Wacko, one of the co-owners of the 319 Music Group, the label that brought The Cali Swag District to the scene.