Connor Evans Enlists Taylor Gang's J.R. Donato For His New Single

AllHipHop Staff


Connor Evans kicks off 2017 with his new single titled "Go," featuring Taylor Gang's J.R. Donato. The two linked up at A3C this past year, which resulted in the two cooking up the record.

"Go" recap's Connor's 2016, which had it's highs and lows, including a difficult cancer battle for his father. Here's what he had to say about the track;

"I met J.R. through a mutual friend and actually ended up coming through his video shoot for "Trust No More". I ended up in the video and we grabbed some grub afterwards and vibed... the next day after I performed at A3C I came through to show love at his show. We decided to get in the studio that night and cooked up a couple records. "Go" is just me getting a lot off my chest talking about all the crazy shit that's been happening in my life: everything from having my records spun in 40/40, to my dad getting cancer and fighting that while I'm on the road, to leaving my hometown and not wanting to return until they book me for Coachella. It's just like a big fuck you to anyone who's doubted me, I'm making this shit go no matter who doubts or what obstacles get in my way. I love the energy J.R. brought to the record. In an era where mother fuckers are afraid to make actual rap songs me and J.R. straight spit for an entire record and we showed why the fuck people need to be paying attention to us as that next class of cats to really watch."

Check out "Go" below.