Conway The Machine Drops Certified Banger With “More Steroids”


Conway serves up s0me Hip-Hop to satisfy your sweet tooth for the Golden Era & Now.

(AllHipHop Music) I pretty much hate people in my age demo. OK, hate is a strong word, but let me explain. Most of these ladies and gents refuse to admit to being washed, complaining all day about the state of Hip-Hop. Sure, there is plenty to be unhappy about, but I have some sobering news. This has always been the case. There has literally always been something to riff about with Hip-Hop. I met an OG once and he had issues with Run DMC. I just stared speechless.

In 2017, one of my favorites is Conway. Dude is a beast, but he prefers to call himself the Machine. Justified. He raps and spews hard bars over hard beats. I’m sorry, my fellow G’s, what is there to be pissy about? Conway, WestsideGunn and Griselda Records serve up a steady stream of Hip-Hop that feels just like the Golden Era. Sure, some won’t like it, because they are a product of the current era or stuck in there ways. Do me a favor and stop bitchin’ for a minute.

Conway joins forces with another favorite, DJ Green Lantern, for “More Steroids” where they drop bars over classic beats and original tracks. Now, smile.

Any issues, hit this link, my friend.