D-Block's Large Amount Gives Recession Tips

AllHipHop Staff

No stranger to assets and liabilities, D-Block's Large Amount, better known as

the “Boy Wit a Billion Barz”, recently caught up with AllHipHop.com to

discuss music, money and survival during the economy’s lean times. He's is currently featured on five tracks from D-Block's newest compilation album, No Security (D-Block/E1) and on a forthcoming D-Block/DJ Premier mix-tape (hosted by Poobs), due out this fall. Check his survival tips!

Recession Basics: “Canned food, sardines and water! (Laughs). Nah, I don’t know, ‘cause a recession is only what you let it be. ‘Cause a lot of cats ain’t starving out here. You can be messed up throughout it( the recession) or you can be on your grind. Everybody needs to keep a coupla’ hustles. ‘Cause some cats is recession-free and it ain’t just the n*ggas with wild bread. Long as you a hustler, you’re straight. If it’s slow over here, then it must be moving over there. When you a rapper this is when it’s time to get on the road and do shows.”

Saving vs. Investing: “Right now I’m just stacking it until I can invest it. You mess around and go bankrupt messing with those investments. I get my bread as far as features and mix-tape appearances. It’s a grind, nah’mean?”

Gettin’ Arab Money: “I’m definitely trying to get that overseas money but I never wanna rush into it. I’d rather let my brand build and then head overseas. Say I go over there in six, seven months...I may be worth more to that global audience.”

Demand and Supply: “I remember one of the things that ‘Kiss first told me. He said, ‘I’m in the ‘hood more than I’m traveling. Even though I can afford to travel, if they (fans) see me all week (in Miami, Cali, etc.), then they aren’t gonna pay to see me perform in the club that weekend.’ So I’d rather be seen in the ‘hood for free, build my buzz, then hit everywhere else.”

A Billi: “A billion bars is just letting you know how far I’m willing to take it, as far as rhyming. ‘Boy with Billion Bars’ is letting you know I got a lot of sh*t and consistent with it. I’ll let nature take its course, but maybe I’ll be a pioneer. When I first came into the game I just wanted to be someone my family, my generation could look back and say he was nice, you know? I wanted to be remembered as someone great in the game. That’s where a ‘Billion Bars’ came from.”

Negotiate Everything: “Everything is negotiable; the final answer is never really ‘no.’ In a lot of situations, the time it takes for a record deal to be brokered is what prolongs an artist coming out. And that can drive an artist insane. I would always try to re-broker a deal, but your first record deal, no matter how small the advance, is gonna be small. You shouldn’t ask for much. Look at it as a platform and as a way to get a better deal. That’s how cats should look at the game but a lot of dudes never find that out. I’ve been fortunate enough to be around a lot of artists and see how the label treats you depending on your success.”

Surviving the Times: “When I first got with D-Block I thought it was my duty to spend money all the time on my appearance and to keep up with other people. Other people paying with plastic and I’m paying with cash. But nowadays I don’t hang out and shop as much. I’m trying to cut back on my weed habit but that keeps me balanced (Laughs).”