D Savage and Reggie Mills Let Loose On "Tech"


Following a Hot 97 airwaves premiere, D Savage and Reggie Mills hit the streets with "Tech."

New Jersey rapper Reggie Mills, who is gearing up to release the DexterReggie EP with Famous Dex next month connected with LA rapper D Savage on Tech. Craig the Engineer who mixed Desiigner's multi-platinum single Panda channeled that same clarity to maximize the lyrics over this high energy Cormill record.

Me and Savage have been co headling shows since 2015 in LA. This is the first time we both had a chance to get in the studio so we linked up in Times Square and 'one taked' every part of the song." - Reggie Mills

Mills' verse exposes his habits with women and substances while D Savage tied the track together with a smooth melodic hook before using his verse to reminded listeners he's actually from the streets... in case they forgot. We can only hope this is the type of content Savage has been holding back for his upcoming D Phoenix project.