Darnell Williams Directs His Own New Video "F*ck Hollywood"

AllHipHop Staff

Check out this brand new video by director/rapper, Darnell Williams.

With credits as a musician, actor, writer, and director, it’s no shock that the multihyphenate creative known as Darnell Williams is the mastermind behind the camera and concept of his latest video, “F*ck Hollywood.”

The cinematically crafted flick from the 12 Tone Music artist, who’s also directed works for notable hip-hop figures Big Sean and the late Mac Miller, is both mysterious and intriguing.

“My inspiration was life in Hollywood, specifically the nightlife,” says Williams. “There’s always an experience to be had and something to get into. It’s a playground for those with vices who don’t mind crossing over to the dark side.”

Beyond the definitive LA aesthetics, the engaging five-minute ten-second video reflects the MCs inner demons - fame, drugs, sex, and alcohol.

Williams puts the focus on storytelling, which is grounded in rock star reality, while the song and its funk-tinged beat serve as the perfect score.

What starts off as young and reckless fun quickly turns into a gripping plot twist the result is an unexpected ending that begs for an extended version.

Williams is provocative, innovative, charismatic and irresistibly entertaining, which makes him a polarizing new figure in music.

On the mic, he’s brilliant and magic; part poet and part pimp. He pens emotionally raw lyrics about pain and pleasure that celebrate his youth while simultaneously showcasing his wisdom. In short, Williams is what Hollywood and Hip-Hop are all about.

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