Dave B - "CPU LUV"

Take Notice of Seattle's Dave B, he is def up next in the North West

Seattle’s rapper and crooner Dave B drops the lead single and music video for his track “CPU Luv” from his sophomore album BLEU available June 7th. On the Sango and Wax Roof produced track, Dave B takes a look at people's online fantasy life as we as a society ahve disconnected. In the Lea Godoy and Kyle McCarty directed video, Dave parodies Microsoft’s advertising campaign from the 1990’s featuring the founder Bill Gates.

“Love me like you do your computer, love.” I don’t require hella attention but I don’t think anyone likes to repeat themselves. I think we were in LA or some shit n I just noticed how shorty and all the homies just be locked in to their phones to the point where niggas became unresponsive.  That’s kind of what it is for this generation I feel like... so I wrote this," Dave B said.

Check it out above:

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