Denzel Curry - "Ricky"

Denzel Curry returns with a SUPER clean visual that touches on South Florida's backyard fighting culture and fatherhood

He's been touring across the country non-stop and he's continually put out music for his South Florida collective that's made wave globally. Creatively spawned from early work with the Rvider Klvn, Denzel Curry has been on his game ever since putting his whole movement on his back and carrying the flag for South Florida and this song seems to recap that movement.

Check out this new visual as Denzel shows the wilder side of Florida as backyard rumbles were all too common in Denzel's younger years as his brother actually was a fighter. This song has a strong father / son element to it so pay attention to the story and the flow and pick up what Mr. Curry has to say. It might be tough to follow along though because this is quite possibly Denzel's dopest visual to date. From the color schemes to the plot this visual is on point.