Deon D. Jenkins- "Put Us In The Debates"


Hip Hop For President Is Deon D. Jenkins' slogan!

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The Underground Music Awards has always been a politically astute award show, and this year, each song nominated for song of the year each year at the UMA's must have a deeper socially conscious or political message.

We stand at the crucible of a very important presidential election, whereby the battle for the soul of America is at stake. Moreover, for the first time in the modern political era the issue of reparations for foundational Black Americans is being seriously examined and considered by a few presidential candidates. The UMA Awards committee stands firmly behind the issue of reparations. There is only one 2020 presidential candidate who has a real definitive  plan for reparations for Black American descendants of slavery, and his name is Deon D. Jenkins. The Underground Music Awards hereby endorses candidate Deon D Jenkins for President. Jenkins is also a Hip Hop Artist who has released a single titled, "Put Us In The Debates." Jenkins has used his single to inform people about the corruption of politics as he demands that the Democratic National Committee put him in the debates.

Reparations are defined as the making of amends for an injustice one has done, by paying money to, or otherwise, helping those who have been wronged. It is an exclusive compensation to that particular victimized group. Foundational Black Americans fought and died in all American wars. They took the first bullet in the Revolutionary War. They picked the cotton that made America an economic superpower via slave labor. Additionally, Black Americans gave America the civil rights movement.

If there were ever a people who deserved reparations it would be the Black American descendants of slavery. Deon D. Jenkins first brought the discussion of reparations on the presidential candidacy level like never before in American politics back in 2015. This forced the Democratic party to acknowledge the idea of reparations, which opened up the door for the ADOS movement to become popularized.  A program called "DEFENSE. MONEY. LAND. GRANTS" is the detailed reparations package created by Mr. Jenkins, which outlines reparations for foundational Black Americans.

According to a recent study called The Road To Zero Wealth by by Prosperity Now and the Institute for Policy Studies, Black American median wealth may fall to zero by 2053 if the racial wealth gap trend continues. We need a President who represents the lineage and the struggles of Black American descendants of the American slave trade. Deon D Jenkins is not afraid to prioritize  a Black agenda that will finally pay off the centuries-long debt owed to Black Americans. Deon D. Jenkins is on a mission to reverse what he calls "the Separation of Beneficiary Americanization between blacks and whites."

Democratic Presidential candidate Marianne Williamson has spoken about reparations for Black Americans. However, it is Jenkins' opinion that Marianne Williamson is not qualified to fight on behalf of foundational Black Americans as it relates to reparations. He believes her calculations are way off, and she doesn't have the lineage, spirit, nor the courage to stand up against the political adversaries of Black people.

Deon D Jenkins strongly feels that he is the man for the job to bring justice to the Black American community via the administration of reparations. Additionally, Deon D. Jenkins is also a Hip Hop artist.

His slogan is "Hip Hop For President." He believes that Life and Death are in the power of the tongue.

Rap artists are in a unique position to influence others with their words, a Deon D. Jenkins uses his lyrics to elevate, inform and inspire the youth, instead of constantly focusing on the demoralizing aspects of human nature. He is a man for the people. To learn more about the Deon D. Jenkins presidential campaign visit

Also take a listen to his "Put Us In The Debates" above.