Digmata - "Dreaming"


After recent opening shows with Stalley, Ray Jr. and Bone Thugs, Ohio's Digmata returns with a visual for "Dreaming"

Tune in as Midwest rapper Digmata returns with a new music video for his song "Dreaming" taken from his well received album Digmata: The Life. Having done shows with Stalley, Ray Jr. and Bone Thugs recently Digmata keeps pushing with a new piece of content. The song is the outro his album and is an introspective song that allows Digmata to reflect on the struggle of growing up around street violence and crime in a small city between Cleveland and Columbus.

But there was a time when the streets almost claimed Digmata himself, as the young emcee dodged a 28 year prison sentence all while losing his mentor, David (King Dave) Bronson, to street violence. The path was not easy, but Digmata has never given up and he continues to pursue his dreams no matter the challenges he faces.

"After Dave was murdered I turned to music to find a way out of the hood. This song was created to give inspiration to anyone like me that may need that push to continue following your dreams. It's important to continue to fight through life's obstacles," Digmatasaid in a statement to the press.

While he is also set to be featured on Big Heff's 15 city Streets Most Wanted Tour starting in April. , Digmata performed at the Nerve DJs SXSW Midwest Monsters Stage March 16th and 17th in Austin, Texas.

Digmata: The Life is now available on all streaming sites and online stores.

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That's what's up 419 representing.


Definitely a dope artist to look out for!!!! Ohio's got talent #Digmata #OTOD