Does R-Mean have beef with Funk Master Flex on Hallelujah?


"I killed Sway like 10 times where you at Flex” ? Hallelujah. Week 14 of “Mean Mondays”

by Janeen Adams

Is finally here and as promised R-Mean has released his 14thinstallment entitled Hallelujah, for his 52-week-long series. Just in case anybody’s wondering, yes, it’s a hit.

Alongside R-Mean on the track is Joe Peshi. The flow of each emcee goes together perfectly, so it’s guaranteed to heat up the streets this summer. Funk Master Flex’s name is mentioned in the first verse. Flex is known for promoting breakthrough artist, so R-Mean said “I killed Sway like 10 times where you at Flex”. Don’t be mistaken it’s not a diss, just a “knock on the door”. R-Mean feels that he’s been putting the work and the time in so it’s time to acknowledged by the world.

This video of R-Mean slaughtering the 5 fingers of death on Shade 45 will help you understand why.