Dr. Dre Doesn't Want Peace With Suge Knight


Damn, even the Doctor himself doesn’t want anything to do with Suge Knight. The former Death Row executive claimed that Terry Crew called him and said Dr. Dre wanted to link up to end their beef.

By Vance Brinkley

Unfortunately, things didn’t seem to go well, because Suge ended up getting thrown out by Dre’s security. When TMZ asked Dr. Dre about the alleged meet-up, the Doc’s sources claimed that it never happened. And, since Terry Carter (the man Knight allegedly killed) was the only middleman to confirm whether the call was real or not, there’s no telling if Suge really was there for either a peace meeting or a 187.

Dre has been avoiding Suge, reports say. The West Coast mogul believes that Knight is a target ever since he was shot six times last year. Suge has been arrested for murder and is in an LA jail.