Drake Returns with 2 New Songs, Gives Nods to Jay-Z and Eminem


Drake Drew Inspiration From Eminem and Jay-Z For His Two New Singles!

While everyone dissects Drizzy's new song line by line, soaking up game in what might be the new Blueprint 2020 for today's generation of rap fans, Drake might very well be planning the next bomb in his continued leak of songs from his next project. Repeating his cycle of leaking subtle loosies in the middle of the night, the two new tracks are called "When to Say When” and “Chicago Freestyle,” and they come with a music video on YouTube that pictures Drake in Marcy projects. So pay attention to the watches and brand nods as Drake gives fans a few more tracks as usual in small doses late at night, this time with nods to Jay-Z and Eminem. It seems we are once again reminded that Drake hasn't lost touch of where he might land in the scheme of Hip-Hop history. Tune in above.

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