Fat Tony - “Son of God”


Underground icon and Houston Rapper Fat Tony drops new record “Son of God” with 2017 Grammy nominee Ricky Reed

Houston Rapper Fat Tony drops new record “Son of God” under Pop Icon Ricky Reed’s label Nice Life.

Fat Tony is a tried-and-true Underground Hip-Hop Head: He’s been consistently releasing music for the last 9 years on his Bandcamp page, before finally going viral this year with his record BKNY. For his latest release “Son of God”, he’s teamed up with Pop Legend Ricky Reed- Ricky produced, engineered and is releasing the record under his label Nice Life.

They’re an unlikely team, since they come from opposite and seemingly incompatible worlds, but according to Ricky Reed: “As a record company, Nice Life isn’t about specific genres or confining ourselves or our artists creatively. Besides, that’s just not the world we live in. What unites the music on our label is that it all has some degree of subversiveness, a unique voice, and hopefully moves the listener.”