FBG Duck Trends On YouTube With "Ugly"


Welcome to the world of FBG Duck, check out "Ugly" here!

So when you break into that top 30 videos on all of Youtube you definitely deserve some recognition for your work. Hip-Hop fans welcome, FBG Duck. With nearly 200k plays in less than 2 days there's no doubt FBG Duck has the labels calling if they haven't already signed him because his numbers are crazy. We can see he's been elevated by the streets and he's got all the co-signs needed, but can he repeat the success of this track "Ugly." Apparently he's got an inner city rival with Lil Durk and his crew but that's not the point of this track or this post here. Tune into this track "Ugly" and make sure to follow along with the FBG Youtube page - they will be making some noise in the streets for the foreseeable future.

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I saw your video and honestly I just loved. Please keep sharing more videos like this because it is so much easier to find new and interesting content here.

Jacob Arnolds

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