Fetty Wap- "Bruce Wayne"

Fetty Wap drops a new project called 'Bruce Wayne' after identifying with the charitable efforts of 'Batman'

Mr. 1738 is back in the building with a new project dubbed Bruce Wayne. The project dropped yesterday Thursday, June 7th, also Fetty's birthday. The Bruce Wayne artwork features the tombstones of Fetty's grandparents, who have played an extremely important part in shaping his character and teaching him the importance of giving back. Identifying with the charitable efforts of 'Batman,' Fetty Wap has dedicated this chapter of his career to giving back to his community of Paterson, NJ. R

Recently, Fetty gave thousands of gift-cards away at a local grocery store during Easter and hosted a turkey drive this past Thanksgiving. Bruce Wayne's release comes shortly after the nation-wide For My Fans Tour and the third installment of the For My Fans III mixtape.