French Montana - “No Stylist" Featuring Drake

French Montana just debuted his new collaboration with Drake.

French Montana and Drake have release their collaborative track, "No Stylist."

According to French, the song is a dedication to Run DMC, Slick Rick and Dapper Dan and their impact on the greater world of fashion.

During an appearance on Zane Lowe's show on Apple Music’s Beats 1, French broke down how the track came about.

"I came to Miami when he [Drake] was working on his album. I just played him my music from my album, and he heard “No Stylist” and fell in love with it and he was like ‘this is the one you and me should come out with’. I remember I came to Miami, it was me, him and Bad Bunny. We was at my boy Dave’s place, a bunch of ladies, a bunch of you know Miami vibes. You know Miami vice vibes. And it was just the energy, you know. Some people make music but you could tell they’re not friends we make music and me and him kind of like the same things in life you know what I’m saying, we from the same era, so it just came together."