Fresco Kane - "You Can Have It"

The East St. Louis native, Fresco Kane, has Hip Hop legends taking notice of the 26-year-old with the rock star persona–from Jermaine Dupri insisting the rookie sign with his label just hours after meeting him for the first time, to Busta Rhymes contributing a raunchily righteous verse to his JD and Bryan Michael Cox-produced buzz single “Hump Wit It." Industry visionaries can argue that the St. Louis Hip Hop scene hasn’t had a champion of this immense talent in years. It’s usually cliche when rappers claim that their region rests on their backs, but with Fresco it’s the undeniable truth. “I definitely feel like a lot of weight is on my shoulders,” he says.

He has a clear picture of what true success is and knows he has a long road ahead to reach his destination. Thus he keeps himself humbled and his lens on the big picture. “Just because you’re signed doesn’t mean you’re on,” he states. “I got signed off of my talent––because I can sing, because I can produce and rap."

Check out his new single "You Can Have It" below, produced by Mike Kalombo & Don P.