Future - "Life Is Good" ft. Drake


"Life is Good" for Future and Drake

When "red bottoms" define your success, you can say that "Life is Good" because you got on designer and you "Started from the Bottom," but aside from the material things that Future and Drake deliver with this song, one can't help but notice this is seemingly TWO different songs combined into one song for the lead single to their upcoming project. Has this ever been done before? Two songs in one for the lead single? With this big of an artist?

Visually this is def more entertaining than musically, as the guys take on a host of jobs that the everyday fan may have, showing they can relate despite their big money incomes. At the end of the day the internet is going nuts for this duo and we can't disagree. What do you think? Who has the better song on this one song... Would it be better to have been one cohesive song? Sound off below!