Gark Mavigan - "Orange Julius"

Gark Mavigan Posterizes the Game with Dr. J-Themed "Orange Julius" Single

San Francisco's resident blapfather Gark Mavigan just put mall food courts across the US on notice.  Today, the multitalented emcee and "Prose-fessional" is dropping "Orange Julius," a hard-hitting homage to Julius Erving that's just as ice-cold and smooth as the beloved OJ-infused beverage.

While there's been some notable hoops tracks recently, few have hearkened back to the days of short-shorts, afros, and red-white-and-blue basketballs. Moreover, Dr. J—often seen as the catalyst behind the ABA-NBA merger in 1976—hasn't received his fair due on the ones and twos.

Speaking on his new single, Gark said: "The only thing cooler than an Orange Julius and Dr. J is a track inspired by the two. Like Orange Juliuses, which I feel have been forgotten about since the merger with Dairy Queen, Julius Erving's insane skills and influence on the game aren't talked about enough."

"Orange Julius" follows the release of Gark's GOOD CHOICES project that donates all proceeds to Bay Area non-profits.