Garrett Zoukis: Top 5 Songs You Should Know


Zoukis has been taking label meetings following the release of his debut album, EUNOIA. These tracks are a sample why.

DMV artist Garrett Zoukis has been emerging onto the hip-hop scene since 2012. The unique sound on his debut album, EUNOIA has garnered the attention of the major record labels. Zoukis took to social media to give fans an inside look at his first trip to LA that encompassed everything from his meetings with labels to partying with Odell Beckham Jr. and Rae Sremmurd. Its evident that the right people are familiar with Garrett Zoukis and his music. Just to be safe, we compiled a list of some of his best songs that all newcomers to his movement need to know.

Odell Beckham Jr. (L), Garrett Zoukis (R) and a friend ordering drinks at Justin Combs' 24th birthday party in Los Angeles, California (2018).

1. “Outa My Mind

“Outa My Mind” is a thought provoking song that describes how people looked at Zoukis. Despite what people were saying, he continued to follow his dreams and is now doing everything he wanted.

2. “Dum Dee Dum: Keyzs N Krates Remix

“Dum Dee Dum” is a tough song with a cocky flow over a trap, electric type beat. Zoukis shows off his rapping skills more with this freestyle demonstrating his versatility.

3. “Don’t See

Everyone in life has felt like people weren’t recognizing their efforts at some point in their lives. That is exactly what Zoukis raps about on “Don’t See.”

4. “Priorities (OHD Remix)

“Priorities” is a track with a more serious tone and lighthearted beat as Zoukis takes listeners through what he chooses to make his priorities based on his happiness in life with in your face lyrics.

5. “Where Did It Go

A song about time going by too fast, “Where Did It Go” takes listeners on a journey of reminiscing as Zoukis raps about the things he took for granted growing up and things he misses.