Get to Know Eric Biddines: Student Of The Game

When you think of Florida's rap scene, what comes to your mind? Rick Ross, Ace Hood, Denzel Curry, SpaceGhostPurrp, the list goes on. You see that there's a plethora of artists that try to emulate what goes on in the streets of the Sunshine State. But there's Eric Biddines, a rapper that brings a different sound to the music scene in FLA. Biddines' sound is soulful, and gives you that southern bass that's aggressive, yet cool. His music brings back to the original sounds of ATL, yet adds his own touch to the sound. The Florida resident's single "Railroads Down/Unfinished" is a standout, with his video being one of very few independent videos on MTV Jams and in heavy rotation. Yes, Biddines is getting bigger by the minute, and he's the next rapper that you might want to know about.

Recently, we got in touch with the up and coming artist, and learn that there is more to Eric Biddines than just a rapper. Being from a religious upbringing, Biddines started out listening to mostly soulful music, poetry, and making small performances using a karaoke machine as a kid. I didn't talk too much when I was young… but it served as a mask for me to be however I want to be and express myself" said Biddines. Though he wasn't into Hip Hop until the age of 13, the rapper was influenced by legendary ATLiens like Outkast, Goodie Mob, and Dungeon Family, to the point where the sound started to flourish in his music. In a state where booty music is widely popular and gangster music has been successful in the past decade, Eric Biddines stands out musically compared to the competition, but never let's his Florida background slip away from him, even when he was entering the music scene.

Biddines' styled is created with the theme of coffee in mind. Coffee and Hip Hop may seem like a weird concept, but Eric established a solid relationship between his favorite caffeinated drink and his music, ever since his first album. "I wanted to create a world that represented me", says Biddines, "It [coffee] was always my favorite drink…it turned actually bigger than what I thought." Five albums later, Biddines' newest project planetcoffeebean2 solidifies the relationship between coffee and his down south flow, and it's been manifesting into success from his success with "Railroads Down/Unfinished" to his amount of attention online.

For now, Eric Biddines is in production for his new project Elephant Wings, a project that Eric has no rush about releasing. However, even with 25 songs made for the new project, the planetcoffeebean king continues to make new music, with the hopes of releasing it independently. Check out Eric Biddines' album planetcoffeebean2 and if you happen to be at this year's A3C, he will be performing at the hip hop festival under HipHopDX's showcase.