Geto Boys’ Big Mike & Merk Deliver A Message That Is “Hard 2 Ignore”


As we all take to the streets to voice our feelings about that state of racial relations in America, music artists are taking to the studio to voice theirs.

by Mike Winslow Videos.

Joining the battle cry are Nola’s Merk the Lyrical Tantrum and Houston pioneer Big Mike of Geto Boys’ fame. While they originally intend for the song to become a political outcry, they soon realized that the video was the perfect opportunity to make themselves heard.

“When we recorded the song making it political was not our intent, BUT, given the state of the world, all the police killing blacks and racism being promoted I knew this video could be used to make a statement,” Merk explained.

“It shows that not much has changed from what our grandparents went through. We’re still marching, fighting for freedom and dealing with corruption through the justice system. No matter what obstacles we face, we always find the strength to pull it together and overcome though. After the song was done I named it ‘Hard 2 Ignore’ because you can’t ignore the intended message.”

The song is available on iTunes:

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