GhostWridah: In The Flashing Lights

What do you a call an unsigned rapper who has developed a brilliant marketing

technique, been co-signed by super producer Don Cannon, recorded with a list of

Grade A artists, and has amassed a dedicated following? You call him

GhostWridah. The 26 year old rapper, born Troy Jeffery is living “the L.Y.F.E.”

that for some years was merely a notion of what could possibly be. 

GhostWridah not only asserts that, "The most

important thing in this business is your grind,” he also lives by these words,

displaying a work ethic that is inevitably notable. “If you ain't determined,

then honestly, this is the wrong business for you," says the MC from South Miami who has

ghost written for known household names, now on the verge of becoming a generally

known name himself. Music:"Red Bottoms" Produced By Don Cannon"Just Begun Freestyle" You have a flow that is different from

most southern rappers, were you born and raised in Florida?

GhostWridah: Yes, born and raised in South

Miami, Dade County. Contrary to common belief,

I am a Miami native. Who was your biggest influence?

GhostWridah: My brother. I always wanted to be like

him when I grew up. He was a rapper when I was younger and seeing [him] fall in

love with the Hip-Hop culture inspired me to want to be apart of it as

well. Who were your musical influences?

GhostWridah: Musically, I was influenced by lyricism.

I was only drawn to artist that wrote music that challenged me to think about

what they said. I guess that's one of the reasons my sound is so

different. I was wowed by Outkast the first time I listened to a single

on a cassette tape. It was a breath of fresh air as well as an alternative to

the "Booty Music" I was used to hearing growing up in the 90's. I also enjoy acts like the Pharcyde, and Dr. Dre'sThe Chronic album. All to which I credit my

older brother for introducing me. What made you pursue a career in music?

GhostWridah: Listening to music for the first time

was such a euphoric experience for me. I mean here you have this empty beat,

which is equivalent to an artists' canvas -- You can paint whatever you're

feeling with no rules or limitations. Knowing that Michael Jackson'sThriller started with an idea and

ended up being awarded 8 Grammys and becoming the largest selling album of our time,

is incredible to me, to say the least. The sky is literally the limit when it

comes to music. Nothing else gives me that feeling. When I went back and

started listening to the music of my mother’s generation, I was blown away.

There is nothing like hearing Sam Cook

or Stevie Wonder for the first time,

nothing. Times like these are my inspirations and partly the reason I even make

music. Were you a ghostwriter first, or an


GhostWridah: I was both. When I was in 9th grade I

had a group and I would write music for everyone in it. They just wanted to rap.

I remember they'd say "write me a verse like Nas, cuz" [laughter]. I didn't mind -- it was more like

practice for myself. I enjoyed it and I still do to this day. That's how I got

the name. I don't even want to tell you what my rap name before GhostWridah

was. It was horrible [laughter]! When you're writing, how do you know if

you’ll offer the song to another artist or keep it for yourself?

GhostWridah: I don't, I just make music for me. I go

into [ghost] writing mode only upon request. If someone needs a record I'll

gladly go in for them as long as the check is right! What collaborations have you done thus


GhostWridah: Let's see… I've worked with Lloyd, Pall Wall, Shawty Lo, Smitty, Malik Yusef, just recently Billy

Blue (over a Timbaland track),

and I have something with Stat Quo

in the works. It’s kind of crazy that I’ve had all of these features without a

deal. I credit having great relationships and preparedness for that. What do you feel was your breakout period?

GhostWridah: I'd say it started between the

time of my last mixtape release [305s & Heartbreak] up until now. I've been

working hard at this for 10 years, since I was 15, but it seems like people

really “got it" this past year. I also believe I really found myself as an

artist over these past 2 years…so I guess it all worked out. I'm making the

most honest music I've ever made, and the fans love it. It's a blessing. With all of your earned success, have

you considered moving forward independently? Or do you have an idea of who you

are going to work with as far as a label goes?

GhostWridah: Big Chuck (President of Poe Boy &

CEO of the Hiram Group) and I have some major situations in the works! Don

Cannon is heavily involved as well. I won't say much as of right now, but I

will say that God has been extremely good to me! Just pay close attention. Is there a team of individuals that you

co-function with when it comes to music or other projects?

GhostWridah: Yes. I work with LowKey & Rem who

make up the production side of The L.Y.F.E. music. Those guys have become the Kanye & Jus Blaze to my Blueprint

-- Great producers!!! I'm also working closely with “Last Rights” clothing, an

upcoming line already being worn by the likes of Young Jeezy, Ludacris, and

Brisco. We have a few tricks up our

sleeves this year as well. I really believe in their brand and they believe in

mine, plus I'm into fashion heavy! As I said earlier, Big Chuck and I are working

on something special too. Shouts to the online promo team: Fara, Nygee, and Mogeezie. What has been your biggest

accomplishment musically?

GhostWridah: Well I'm so young in the business that I

think I've yet to experience that, but I have had some incredible moments: meeting

Dr. Dre, listening and working on Detox for a day with him, Che, Stat Quo and the rest of the team was

THE GREATEST experience musically I've ever had. I'll never forget it. I

learned so much in one day from those guys and I'll never forget it. Explain your company L.Y.F.E.?

GhostWridah: Well my company, like myself, has gone

through many changes over the years. I knew I wanted to create my own dynasty

one day and I wanted a name I could live with, be proud of when I see it, something

that was a direct representation of who I am as an artist. Funny story is I

actually came up with this name in the shower. I do a lot of thinking in my

bathroom [laughter], but yeah we all want to live "The Life" but what

does it mean to do that. For me it was a simple change of spelling and an

acronym… "Live Your Future Everyday". That’s what we must do.

Appreciate the present, learn from the past and live for the future -- Live The

L.Y.F.E. A lot of artists have been releasing mixtapes

that have better content than their albums. What can fans and listeners expect

from your album that they haven’t gotten from “The Ruler’s Back” or “305s &


GhostWridah: A More in depth look at who

I am -- more than just catchy choruses and hot punchlines. I want to give my

audience a body of work that will allow them to be entertained and educated.

Like the writing on my new single "Red Bottoms," the album will be very

entertaining, but very insightful as well. Explain how the “Red Bottoms” track came


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GhostWridah: Wow… [laughter]. Where do I start? Okay so the “Red Bottoms

story”, as the producer of the great record calls it, is funny. I was at Poe

Boy studios recording, and I was given a track I was told would be a go to use

because of the relationship this particular person had with Don Cannon. I thought the beat was

super dope! I actually had it for about two weeks before I even touched it. So

finally I write the song after having a few conceptual & directional

changes. It took the engineers, producers (MBW), and I four days to get the

song recorded properly. I demoed it, rewrote verses, switched up a few flows,

whatever it took to ensure the song would be great. So once I knew it was

ready, my team and I started going crazy with the online promo. Three weeks in

advance I went berserk on the net. Almost, if not every Twitter post was about

#Redbottoms. I made some people believe this was the biggest record of the year

before they had even heard it. So on February 15th at 8:06 pm, I pushed the RED

button on “Red Bottoms”. The internet went into a frenzy! The responses were

all positive and the outcome was great! It wasn't until the song reached Don

Cannon and he spazzed out via Twitter that I realized the track wasn't cleared

by him -- But when he heard it, he loved it! We built a working relationship

and the rest is history! Anything else you want to share wit the



Love with My Future EP which was an LP will be released soon. I'm taking

my time with this one to ensure the release of a classic! Also, I will be

making an announcement very soon to let my family and friends know who I will

be signing to. Thanks to every fan and supporter of the GhostWridah brand. I

appreciate every single one of you! Real words.

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