GlokkNine-"Knick Knack” (Official Video)

GlokkNine gets creative with his “Knick Knack” music video.

By: Charlton E. Wallace (@c.d.o.t))

Florida rapper, GlokkNine is most recognized for the statement he gave about dark skin women in a DJ Vlad interview.

“If I f##k with a black b##ch, I'm going to have a black ass baby and I ain't with that,” GlokkNine says after DJ Vlad asked him does he have the same preference as fellow rapper Kodak Black who is also from Florida.

Kodak Black made references a while ago about how light skin women were easier to control than dark skin women, which why he prefers is lighter skin women.

The GlokkNine interview went viral and caused an uproar on social media.

Disregarding his statements on Vlad TV, the public still supports Glokk. He recently dropped the visual for his song “Knick Knack”.

Knick Knack is a raw music video that reenacts a robbery and home invasion. Glokk recites his lyrics while the rest of his crew focuses on the job at hand.

The song is a drill anthem but can also provide a club feeling. Nine’s flow dances with the beat and makes his audience dance.

GlokkNine is hitting the rap scene hard and already has a record deal.

Do you think he has a future in this industry?