Gorilla Zoe and Zaytoven Drop A Banger With New Project "I Am Atlanta Forever"

The legends collaborated for Zoe's latest project.

Gorilla Zoe and Zaytoven released their newest collaboration, I Am Atlanta 4Ever, available to stream and download on all major platforms.

The two have been a dynamic musical duo for close to a decade and the signature style they’ve established over the years has helped to influence an entire generation of rappers who’ve deconstructed their work and capitalized on their sound.

On this project, the acclaimed producer and the street prophet delved deeper inside themselves to create a body of work that will be a tough act for impersonators to follow.

In 2009, Zoe was a product of the influential Atlanta culture and his success knitted him into the fabric of hip-hop. On this final installment of the four part series he started at the beginning of his career, he offers a 10-song roller coaster of emotion and autobiographical life lessons that boast skillful storytelling atop disrespectful 808 basslines.

The introspective MC clearly values lyrics and I Am Atlanta 4Ever will appeal to those who appreciate soulful trap music that also serves it’s listeners meaty lyrical content. It’s a motivational, empowering, and inspirational body of work punctuated with morsels of wisdom. Zaytoven sculpts his high-octane beats around Gorilla Zoe’s gruff vocals and showcases their kinetic chemistry on every track. Click below to listen!