Hood Loco Celebrates New Single "Do Wit It" & New Entrepreneurial Endeavors

Hood Loco is back with a blazing new single.

(AllHipHop Music) Rapper Hood Loco was born into struggle. Raised in a small Mississippi town called Philadelphia, the 26-year-old rapper earned his childhood moniker as a product of urban ghetto realities - poverty, crime and drugs. Although many would label him as a reckless young hustler addicted to street life, the southern-bred emcee has often been misunderstood. Growing up in a neighborhood dubbed Crook Quarters (CQ), he had to embrace the uglier aspects of being born to unceremonious circumstances.

As a teenager he went to bed to the sound of gun shots, witnessed the deaths of neighborhood friends, was in and out of the juvenile court system and was ultimately kicked out of school, although he was a straight-A student. Rap music served as his only solace, listening to it and making it. Motivated by the love of the game, Hood Loco is out to prove he is no thug on the mic, but a revolutionary emcee that is hard to ignore and even harder to pigeonhole.

The clever street prophet is on a mission to give the hood hope by "bringing the church" to the block. He delivers straightforward and uncensored narratives with vivid cinematic attention to detail over powerful beats that express rage and spark conversation. One of his many superpowers is that he brilliantly marries sound and substance.

Inspired by the stylistic wordplay of Lil Boosie and Jeezy, Hood Locos message is all about authenticity, innovation and motivation. His lifelong passion for rhyming helped him make the decision of going from one foot in the streets and one foot out, to pursuing a career in music full-time. As a result, Hood Loco relocated to Atlanta, the current Hip Hop capital, in an effort to change his life and build an organic movement.

Loco's blazing new single "Do Wit It" chronicles an individual taking advantage of opportunities as they present themselves in the midst of daily struggles. The record primarily focuses on staying true to your dreams even with feeling like you don't always have the necessary means to do so.

Hood Loco sacrificed the only way of life he knew and is finally cashing in by profiting from his pain. Take a listen to his new single below as well as a Q&A.

What inspired you to pursue a career in music?

Hood Loco: The streets inspired me, I think the streets were some motivation.

Who were some of your biggest influences, and who would you like to collaborate with?

Hood Loco: Jeezy was a big influence and Boosie. As far as collaborating I'm not really looking to do any collaborations, but I'd do a Kodak Black collaboration.

How would you describe your sound, and what separates you from other rappers?

Hood Loco: I'm different. My sound is me. It's all me. I'm not trying to be anyone else. There is really a story behind me.

Describe your new single:

Hood Loco: Yeah "Do Wit It", it seems like I got fed up with so many lies people aren't real anymore. My music comes from the heart. I just say what I feel. The song explains itself if you really just pay attention to it.

Are you dropping any projects soon?

Hood Loco: I got an EP coming up, 'Hood Loco'. It's really about me. I really want people to know who I am, what I'm bringing to the game. I really don't have a date right now for the release of the EP, but I have a new single coming out in about two weeks.

What other endeavors are you tapping into?

Hood Loco: Loco Bundles. I sell hair, I have good raw hair for the ladies for a good price. Then I have a partnership with a clothing brand. I have a lot going on right now. I started & funded my own label , A2B L.O.V.E, started my own hair bundles company Loco Bundles, I have my own car lot, and I'm real big into fashion & arts. I just did a partnership with Foreign Apparel to bring some of my ideas to life. Also, Im currently writing 3 short films.

What's next for Hood Loco?

Me, I'm coming. I already came, but I'm coming a little bit harder.