Illa J - “Enjoy the Ride"

AllHipHop Staff

: Illa J “Enjoy the Ride” Music Video

On November 30th, Illa J will release his album John Yancey via Jakarta Records.

“John Yancey” was entirely produced by Calvin Valentine, who also produced Illa J’s last album “Home.” While “Home” was mostly inspired by Illa J’s hometown of Detroit, John Yancey takes inspiration from his move to Los Angeles.

The album talks about the ups and downs of his relationships over the last 10 years and coming to terms with his brother’s (J. Dilla) death. Illa J turned 32 this year which was the same age J. Dilla passed away.

Illa J states:

“The original title (of the album) was 32 because this is a special year to me because my brother died at that age so it had a lot of meaning. But it makes sense that it ended up being called John Yancey because for so long in my career I felt like I was tryna be me and my brother, and I’m finally at peace, like I’m not J Dilla’s younger brother Illa J, I’m James’s younger brother John.”

Today, check out the music video for the song “Enjoy the Ride.” The video was directed by Robert Winter, Mac Charghi Sulz and Jan Bastian Kumpfer.