In Eric Bellinger's New Video for "By Now" He Reflects on the Price of Success

The R&B King Sings About The Struggle That Comes With Following Your Dreams

Touching song "By Now" from Eric Bellinger's Eazy Call album is one of the more introspective moments of the project, a break from songs about infatuation and the star lifestyle that let fans see a deeper side of the singer. Now in the just-released video, Bellinger is giving a raw look at the pain he (and others like him) experience when they have to leave their loved ones behind for the sake of the hustle.

The "By Now" video mixes exciting footage from the Eazy Call tour (that recently took Bellinger all over the world) with solitary moments on the beach when the reality of missing his family sets in. In a recent interview, Eric Bellinger explained that “this video is raw...I wanted to give fans an up-close and personal look at my life. ‘By Now’ has been one of my favorites for a while now and I’m excited to see that my supporters feel the same.” It's clear from the tour footage that Bellinger's fans only want more of his energy, but the singer is letting everyone know with this video that deep down, his family is what he cares about the most.