Indika Sam Drops “What Love Is” Visual

Shirley Ju

West Coast rapper Indika Sam is back with a brand new track called "What Love Is."

Indika Sam returns with a brand new visual for her fans. Hailing from Moreno Valley, California, the West Coast rapper exploded onto the music scene in 2018 with her video “SOSS,” directed by Cole Bennett. Soon after, she followed up with another smash titled “Up,” unveiling to audiences around the world her undeniable appeal and personality.

The new music video for “What Love Is” arrives in perfect timing as everyone is quarantined in their homes, questioning the concept of true love. Indika states on the record: “as a young robot, the word love does not compute. What is love?”

With a love for marijuana (as evidenced in her name), her passion for music came at an early age as she was casually freestyling with her friends.

From hotboxing her car and vibing for hours, the more she freestyled the better she got. Now, she hones in on her sound and putting real-life thoughts and emotions into her lyrics.