Into The Skeme Of Things

“In the ‘Scheme’ of things,” is a

popular idiom, a saying that is commonly used to express the “general view of a situation.” 20-year-olds don’t generally have 7 mixtapes under their belt. 20-year-old don’t generally have their music played at

venues that they themselves are not even old enough to be admitted to and

20-year-old don’t generally have the

weight of a city on their back. That being said, it is more than safe to say

that 20-year-old Inglewood, Cali. rapper Skeme, born Lonnie Kimble, is the furthest

thing from general.

A perfect balance between “witty wordplay”

and his expression everyday struggles, Skeme created a lane for himself where

such was nonexistent. “I want to make those songs that you hear 5 or 10 years

later and still feel as good about them as you did when you first heard it.”

With that priority in mind, Skeme recently dropped, Pistols & Palm Trees, described

as an eclectic arrangement of emotion-driven lyrics, heavy bass-laden

production, and a smooth bravado of a cadence. Ready or not, the West-coast is

back. MusicSkeme Ft. Alley Boy "Ridin Out" I

rarely ask artists where their names come from, but Skeme is interesting to say

the least, that's not you government is it?



was actually a play name I was given when I was a kid. One of the older guys

from the park said I always was scheming and plotting on how to get an extra

free lunch [laughter]. I guess it stuck; I got the spelling from the graffiti

artist though. You're

an LA artist, but have a little bit of an accent, is that where you're

originally from?



I'm an Inglewood native. Both parents are from the south and I've made frequent

visits since I was about 4 years old. That's probably where I get it from. What

type of support do you get from your hometown?



support from Inglewood is crazy. I think the people from the city are just

proud that they've finally got somebody real and dope to cheer for. I think me

repping over every song is what makes them ride for me like they do. Being

as young as you are, was music something that you always took seriously?



I always figured drug money was the best route, until my cousin got locked up

and caught a 28-year sentence. That was probably the biggest turning point for

me when I figured that it was either do music or end up in the same spot. What

aspect of being a musician appeals to you the most?



think the thing that appeals most is the fact that I get to voice my opinion or

view to a wide audience of people. I find it dope that people just want to hear

me or hear what I have to say. What

artists have you been compared to?



(RIP), Wayne, and Wiz. Where

do feel those semblances come from?



listen to those guys the most. I think maybe the sound bleeds through in my

music because I hear them so often. Kind of like the concept that you are who

you hang with. In

an already over-saturated industry, where does Skeme fit in?



in my own lane. I don't want to be like anybody else. I aim to do me and make

people love it. The

focus right now is clearly the Pistols and Palm Trees mixtape

explain the title and the type of content on that project.

Skeme: The title comes

from my city and what we're known for. It’s the perfect title to explain

exactly what it is out here. The good and bad. I feel like I might the one

artist standing in the middle of both lifestyles. The content on the project is

just my view. My main focus when making music is to make the listener

understand where I'm coming from. From top to bottom the project is a great

listen though. Production from Boi-1da, Hit-boy (Surf Club), Roosevelt, Chris

King, Roosevelt, J Classic, and DJ J Buttah and features from Dom Kennedy,

Tyga, Kendrick Lamar, Kent Jamz (Overdoz) and TyDollasign (Toot it n Boot it).

Hopefully the world will love it just as much as I do! October 19th is the drop

date!Visit Skeme on Twitter @Skeme