Is Meek Mill's “Legends of the Summer” A New Beginning Or The Ending?

Meek Mill is going through it all! Can “Legends of the Summer” mark a new start for the him? Charlton Wallace writes!

By: Charlton E Wallace (@c.d.o.t)

(AllHipHop Music) Meek Mill has been the topic of discussion lately, mainly due to his legal issues. The 31-year old rapper was recently was released from jail on bond and quickly became the face for prison reform.

The Philly native was imprisoned for popping wheelies on his dirt bike and other rather minor incidents that in a probation violation. Back to jail, Meek went. However, Mill’s team, the public and other high profile movers and shakers like Jay-Z and Rick Ross were able to swell awareness so high that he was released. Meek, born Robert Rihmeek Williams, seized the moment to reevaluate himelf and show everybody he had a greater purpose than just a rap star.

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It wasn't so far in the distant future, where Meek's biggest issue was the L he took to Toronto's homegrown Drake in a lyrical battle. He seemed to lose much more. His relationship to gaudy pop star Nick Minaj dissipated. His decision making skills seemed to deteriorate, evidenced by a street beat down of Safari sanctioned by the rapper. However, the whole narrative has now changed.

Since Meek has been released from prison, he hasn't dropped any music and wasn't writing in jail either, according to reports. The “Legends of the Summer” changed that. Here is a track-by-track at Meek's newest project, one that almost forecasts he successes and trials going forward.

Track 1: "Millidelphia"

The first track is “Millidelphia featuring the infamous producer Swizz Beatz. This song is a Philly anthem and a shoutout to the city of Philadelphia - his friend and foe in justice. This record seems like a perfect fit for a Philadelphia Eagles entrance song. Swizz plays as Meek’s hype-man while Meek performs a fast, short sentence, and turn-up flow. As the song hook states, “For the love of the city” and “They wanna see me in a cage, I'd rather see me in a wrath, represents Meek knows his has a bullseye on his back and has a greater purpose.

Track 2: "Dangerous"

“Dangerous” presents Jeremih and Philly native Pnb Rock as guests in Meek's world. This is song strictly for the ladies. “Dangerous” has a smooth beat and compliments Jeremih and Pnb Rock on the hook while letting Meek perform. Meek expresses his feelings and portrays his softer side. This is good riding music and something to play on couples night at the club.

Track 3: "1 am"

"1 am" is the least appealing on the project. The song may grow listeners, but they may also turn it off because of the way it starts. The production is poor and Meek barely gives us any content. Repetitive and tiring, this sounds like a fast pace of a Migos record minus the mumbling.

Track 4: "Stay Woke"

This is the best track on the opus and its likely his fans will follow suit (over 3 million YouTube views is a good indicator)! Meek performed this powerful song on BET’s 2018 Awards and offered a makeshift stage play of Philadelphia urban streets during the high-profile outing. The visuals are compelling. The stage-play on TV included people selling drugs while children were playing, junkies, and police harassment. A little girl whose father was getting harassed by the police runs out after him and gets shot. Instead of putting a white sheet on the little girl’s body, an officer placed an American flag on her. And amid this chaos, Meek is rapping with XXXTentacion and Jimmy Wopo on a hoodie. Both rappers died violently in their respective hometowns, Miami and Pittsburgh.

"Stay Woke" and and contents are not new ground for Meek's die-hard fans. He often talks about injustices African Americans face, police brutality, struggles of Black men, and the mindset of troubled youth.

Final Verdict:

The “Legends of the Summer” EP is a good start off for Meek since his release from prison. This album will not likely last in relevance as a whole project, but songs like "Stay Woke" may live forever. This mixtape was more of a toe in the water for Meek, who still must contend with his legal conundrum and a Philadelphia judge that despises him. Meek must “stay woke” because any other mentality can result in a lengthy stay in prison.

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Hopefully God blesses Meek and he can do what Beanie didn't...keep Philly up front, stay out of trouble and have a long running rap career. All praise to Beans for paving the way.

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