Is This The New G-Unit?

50 Cent looks out at the right time. This time he finds some young, hungry wolves from Queens.

(AllHipHop Music) 50 Cent is known to give opportunity and it seems like he is giving back in a major way. This time, its a young hungry group coming out of Southside Queens. That is where Onyx is from. And Fif. Well, that was a long time ago and it is time for some new blood. Enter…actually, I don’t know their name. No, I ain’t doing no journalism either. EAD! 50 Cent on the ad libs, killin it! I like these dudes. They flow. They hardcore. They got one of the biggest names behind them.

beats cool, it isnt bad but im not falling out of my seat

shit weak

Come on fif you signed them for having street cred cuz these niggaz is garbaj