Is Yo Gotti Predicting a Recession with His New Single "Recession Proof"?


Are we in a recession? Soak up some game from Yo Gotti to help you get through this epidemic!

With the world seemingly falling apart with the COVID-19 crisis and police brutality taking the lives of minorities in our communities across the globe, Yo Gotti seems to be predicting a recession and economic collapse. With whats going on and the job crisis there's no knocking Yo Gotti's claim. Ever since the epidemic hit people are missing out on money from the service industry to any other format where large gatherings take place like concerts or events. No matter to Yo Gotti though, he is recession proof and not worried about the changing times of the economy affecting his business. While some people can get mad at Gotti for possibly having a tone def message to his song with so many people struggling, if you REALLY listen to the lyrics, he talks about how you can stack your money and save it without going broke. For anyone thats an artist, this might be some game for how to survive to the end of this epidemic. If there's one thing that's true, if you aren't motivated by the crib and the cars in this video you are sleeping!