Issa "Hundo"

It’s a little known fact, that Atlanta is home to some of the most successful and influential entertainers in the world. And that’s why it was no surprise, when native D.C. hip hop prodigy Issa burst onto the hip hop scene. He began rapidly gaining a momentum and fan base, that would prove to be loyal, as Issa has remained to book sold out shows all across the globe. Sometimes compared to a young Andre 3k, Issa’s effortless lyrical ability immediately made him a fan favorite as he lyrically made his way into the lives of millions of adoring fans around the world.

Issa has been a very prevalent staple in the hip hop culture of Atlanta, and is now taking his lyrical gifts to higher heights in his pursuit to become a global hip hop phenomenon. Issa is undoubtedly setting a new standard and trend in hip hop. For some time now, Issa has been proving that he is indeed a standalone, who is not to be mistaken for the stereotypical southern hip hop emcee. Equipped with a unique lyrical ability and looks that could kill, it won’t be long before Issa will be gracing the pages of GQ and making the XXL 2015 Freshmen Cover. Issa’s #New single Hundo is just what was needed to set the summer ablaze and set a new precedent in hip hop. As Issa so eloquently spits “The hundos, the hundos, the hundos, the hundos, you know that I get it” he delivers a subliminal reminder of what it feels like to be young, successful, and cash-care free. Issa’s follow up singles include a smooth new joint that features teen heartthrobs Jacob Latimore and Jacquees. Take a listen to his single "Hundo" below.