Jane Handcock is Stunning in New "My N*gga" Video

The Oakland Songstress and Raphael Saadiq Protege SHINES While She Sings About True Love

In her latest video “My N*gga,” Oakland singer/songwriter Jane Handcock is stunning. As she sings about real love (Take me, don’t break me/ Glow me up, don’t stress me out/ See my self esteem is better/ since you came in, without a doubt), Jane is seen traveling through her city, visiting a record store, and singing on her front steps---all while GLOWING as she pours out her heart. As she reflects on all the qualities that make her relationship so important to her, the scenes from her life as she finds “the one” show her playful-but-sincere personality.

As usual, the narratives in Jane Handcock's “My N*gga” are wise beyond her years. As she waxes poetic about her true love, she still reflects honestly on his imperfections (as well as her own). My past ain’t perfect/ But you still see that I’m worth it. This is no infatuation…”My N*gga” is about finding someone she’s ready to call her own.