Janelle Monáe And YouTube Share New Mini-Doc "A Revolution of Love"

Janelle Monáe. Janelle is a creative icon – a multi-talented visual artist & storyteller with so much to say.

YouTube Music has collaborated with Janelle Monáe to debut Janelle Monáe: A Revolution of Love, the latest in their series of Artist Spotlight Stories.

Produced by YouTube Music, A Revolution of Love is a visual manifesto about Janelle Monáes quest for love, which has been a consistent thread throughout her development as an artist and human being.

"It's really, really great to have something like YouTube to get my message out," explains Monáe. "There is power in seeing people in action, seeing an artist who does have messaging of empowerment and wants to contribute. If you want to become an activist, being able to see that is being able to be that. It's like the revolution is being televised."

Directed by Emma Westenberg (who also shot Janelles PYNK video), and released today on YouTube, A Revolution of Love takes fans behind the scenes of the multi-talented Monáes creative movement.

Shot primarily in the artist's home base of Atlanta, the film serves as an intimate portrait of the people, places and ideas that have helped shape the vision of empowerment, radical creativity, and love that stands at the core of Monáes work.