Jay Worthy & Harry Fraud “Ice Cold/Mrs. Parker”


Jay Worthy and Harry Fraud connect the East and West coasts for some fire visuals!

Just when you thought that the LA and NYC connection of Jay Worth & Harry Fraud had satisfied all your expectations, this dynamic duo delivers yet again with more content. Check it out as Jay Worthy & Harry Fraud’s collaborative EP Eat When You're Hungry Sleep When You're Tired, comes through once again.The project features guest appearances from Guapdad 4000, G Perico, Larry June & Big Body Bes interlaid with epic verses from LA's Jay Worthy and production from Fraud.

“When I moved to NYC, I told Body to link me with Fraud; as I always knew we would make something special” Jay Worthy commented. “Next thing you know we were locked in doing an EP. We were in the studio till 7 am every night. It had my sleep schedule and eating all fucked up. The shit was fun though---I’d do it all over again.”

“When me and Worthy first linked up we just started going through a bunch of old music. As we were listening to all these songs from the 60s/70s/80s we started to key in on the same stuff and were chopping them up as we went” Harry Fraud asserted. “We didn’t necessarily start with the intent of making a project, but before we knew it the project had made itself.”

Today, Jay and Harry unveiled a new visual from the project “Ice Cold/Mrs. Parker," check it out above: